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November 04, 2004

This is becomming a habit...

My intention was always to do job-by-job updates on the site, my intention was also to retire by 30 and move to the Bahamas where I would pursue my calling as a professional gigolo. I've come to terms with my failings, you should too.

Work's been crazy, our recently completed jobs include:
MTN's values presentation and video with Octagon, we also worked with Octagon on a real-time synopsis product (seriously kids, this product rocks, if you have an event coming up, strongly consider it) for an Eskom golf day, and we helped them with their safety in the workplace preso.

Standard Bank's been keeping us busy with a whole plethora of roadshows and presentations. There is also some really exciting things in the pipeline there.

Not to be outdone, Absa have had us work on a top-secret pitch presentation (our lips are sealed) as well as a video launching their awesome new branch in Fourways.

Following upon the Chairman's Challenge job mentioned below, Liberty Life have hired us for two new video projects.

We also assisted with the video and presentation components for the launch of Oshun Books, New Holland's new imprint for women.

Hey, maybe early-retirement aint such a pipe-dream after all...!

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