March 30, 2007

If you're bored...

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Maverick-1...and are looking for something to do this month, you could pick yourself up a copy of the (green covered) April issue of Maverick magazine.

Then if it happened to fall open on - oh, I don't know - page 30, you could have a wee read there. Y'know, just something to pass the time.

Use it, don't use it (use it dammit)...!

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March 27, 2007

BA 6430

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Ba TailI fly at least twice a fortnight, yet I'm sitting here on board British Airways flight BA 6430 from Cape Town to Jo'burg, and felt compelled to stop everything and write this post. This has been without a doubt the nicest domestic flight experience I've had in not-so recent memory.

It started at the check-in counter where the guys that were there smiled at me and said that although my bag was pretty big, I was the only guy in Club and would I not rather take it on board with me. I was cool to check it, more smiles all around, a joke about being able to play one-man musical chairs (and win every game), and I was off to the lounge.

There I was spotted looking at the hot chocolate machine that was off for refilling. I said that it was fine but they insisted on getting it back on in a hurry for me. However just when they were nearly were done my flight was called. I got up to leave and was met the hostess coming back up the stairs with the take away cup she'd managed to find for me elsewhere, the other hostess phoned the gate and told them that I'd be down in two minutes. Again, big smiles, and minutes later I was boarding, steamin' cup of hot chocolate in hand.

Awaiting take off, I was chatting to one of the cabin crew about his goal of becoming a pilot, and the steps it would take him to get into the cadet program, when another cabin attendant came from the back of the plane, saw me alone, laughed and asked if I'd like her to to fill up Club with all the hot ladies from the flight. Not wanting to appear ungrateful, I of course said yes (sadly though I'm still alone). The meal was wicked cool, I was brought three piping hot dishes to chose from, and the meal was served in courses, as opposed to the crammed tray that SAA and Nationwide give you. Finally, when I was done, the Cabin Controller popped by and sneaked me some extra Sally Williams nougat, with a smile and a wink.

The key word here: Smiles, and not the fake Americanised ones, genuine smiles at every interaction. Wicked.

Seriously, an all round kick-ass team effort by BA, much respect.

Really makes me regret being the Voyager mile whore that I am...!

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March 02, 2007

Happy are the early adopters

Posted by Rich...! in Web/Tech

Yeah, I rock.

I just bought myself R250 worth of kitchen kit for R100 from Cherryflava's new site Cherypicka.


Kick-ass concept, lets hope the man gets new products often enough. There's a product feed here.

Now, if only I can get the biatch back into the kitchen...!

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