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Three's a crowd

The triangle below is a great tool for letting our clients know what we can, and cannot do. It's very simple really, we can give you any two:


You can have cheap, and fast, but it wouldn't be good (and lets face it, you're not buying shit, and we aint selling it, so we'll scrap that one); you could have good and fast, but we'd need to charge you for the privilege; or you can simply give us fair lead time, and you'll get a great product, at a great price! Could this work for your business too? I reckon it probably could.

Thanks Ains'...!

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Rich, good stuff! I've always used four items, and the client can have any three, I get the fourth:

- Time
- Money
- Quality
- Scope

The scope is important, it says that we can work within your budget, but we might not be able to deliver everything that you want done right now.

Good way to present that stuff! Thank you for sharing it!


Posted by: Jon Strande | 6 Jun 2004 00:59:55

Yeah, but - time = money, no? I think I disagree.

Posted by: shmuel | 29 Nov 2004 01:52:58