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Attention spam: Blog style

I was reading Todd's post regarding attention span, while on the face of it Seinfeld's answer is close to spot-on, I still think there is an argument for bite-size chunks. If you know something is long, you'll be less likely to watch/read it in the first place, thus never finding out if it's entertaining or not (thereby making Seinfeld's theory redundant). My toilet-reading theory is as follows: I read Time on the bog. I don't read the features though, as they appear too long, just the shorts. Funny thing is, when I'm done, I find that I've easily read the amount of a full-length feature, just in smaller chunks - I was intimidated by the text. This is an issue close to my heart, and I think it raises questions applicable to blogging too.

I find that long posts and ramblings miss the boat, a blog for me is an at-a-glance fix. I want to browse a few paragraphs, then if interested, follow links to more in-depth material. Multi-page posts just get skimmed over or missed.

How much is too much? Is this simply an issue of preference, or does it go deeper? Is it a matter of blog etiquette? Is there/should there be such a thing?

Ironically, this is my longest post yet...!

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