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Clash of the Titans

Presentation Zen have a killer article on what to do/not to do with your slides when trying to present effectively. Who has he used for the comparison? Apple's Steve Jobs and Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Professionally these two are very similar, but their understanding of presentation varies considerably. While Jobs will continue to be praised on his skills as a communicator, Gates has really dropped the ball. The point of his presentation? Who knows? The effect? Angry, confused, time-wasted audience (and bad web-reviews).

"It looks like Gates and his staff did what many millions of other PowerPoint users do daily — they used PowerPoint in a way that did not help their message. In fact, their PowerPoint visuals probably hurt their message. If the visuals did not help, then they quite possibly got in the way of Gates making a meaningful, personal connection with the ninety or so people in the room.

In addition to not getting a message across, bad presentations can also have a very negative effect on the audience's impression on your company. Especially when you're compared (as you often will be) to the competitor. Go have a look at the pictures, and you'll see what I mean.

The boss does not always know what he's doing. That said, get them to call us!

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