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How to be a Rock 'n Roll cliche´

Having just paged through a few recent editions of RockSound, it surprised me, and upset me a little, to see that there really is no such thing as alternative culture, just more clones, albeit in a different genre. Apparently there must be a "Rock Star for dummies " book available, and in the chapter under publicity photo's, it must say the following:

- Don't smile, ever!
- Better still, scowl
- Never (ever) look in the same direction as the other band members
- Camera, what camera?
- Construction sites makes great settings (suburban bliss is a no-no!)
- Colour is reserved for pansies and boy bands

We decided to see how easy it was to pull-off (following these 6 simple steps of course) man we're so hard core...

bw HW1
Stairway to heaven!

bw HW2
Tough guys, with a soft, thoughtful side.

bw HW3
Dude, I can see your house from here.

Seriously, watch your daughters. We're so damn rock 'n roll it's scary...!

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