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Discrepancy with the man

Seth wrote an interesting bit as a response to Larry Light from McDonalds trading in of monolithic marketing in favour of a more narrative 'brand journalism'. I agree with what the man has to say, and this post is not about the marketing issue that Seth's post was actually about. This is regarding 2 of the suggestions he offers to McDonalds as irreverent ideas.

Coke phased out in favour of ice tea? McDonalds is and always will be a place to get cheap and convenient food, no matter what those atrocious 'i'm lovin' it' ads tell you. If I want healthy food, I won't go to Micky's and I'm comfortable with that. There are plenty of places I can go. And by Jove, if I'm eating junk, I'll go the whole hog, and get me a Coke, too. Additions, maybe. No Coke?

Seth also recommends giving out copies of 'SuperSize Me!', to customers when they buy the new, low sugar ice tea. I'm all for honesty, but that's a little extreme. Firstly, if I'm actually buying a McDonalds burger, I don't want to be reminded of what their food is doing to me, in the same way that I would not appreciate someone giving me a free trachea pipe with every box of 'light' cigarettes I buy. Besides, no-one's going to believe it: they're publicly fighting the movie. Secondly, why not give out something useful? Like a 'McDonalds Healthy Alternative' collectable recipe selection, one of which you receive when purchasing your food. You can build up a little collection of ideas that you can get at McD's, but can make at home, too (if logo'd nicely, it might also chase the food-maker out of the kitchen, and into McDonalds, as an easy alternative to cooking themselves). Catchy, clever, useful (and Rich...!'s idea).

I do quite like the idea of adding unique menu additions to every store, based on the store's decision. It would make every McDonalds branch a slightly different experience, and maybe encourage people to hit the joint more. Because they can try something their local doesn't offer. It would also possibly humanise the giant a little more.

Note: This post began as a questioning of Seth's logic, and ended up becoming an anti-MacDonalds rant. It didn't make sense, and I changed it, so now you can hopefully enjoy it as it was meant to be! Lucky you.

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First, well done to D'ave for defending his right to eat junk food at McD's, we know this was tough for the guy as he will never actually darken their doorstep (unless drugged and tied up - he will be kicking and screaming though) - props!

Also, the more I think of the collectible recipe card idea, the more I like it. It's viral, it's remarkable, and it works towards offering people a cool alternative to a Big mac 'n Fries. What's more, it's win-win, McD's would get good marketing here too...!

Posted by: Rich...! | 24 Jun 2004 00:23:47

"Nice post D'ave" (said in awkwardly brown-nosey kind of way that seems to being doing it's rounds in blogland) I'm just not sure about the idea of McD's unique menu addition. Do you mean by unique as in country, province/state or each individual resturaunt? It would cost way to much to create a custom menu for each outlet. Possibly a pamphlet? Anyway you still won't get to to try anything other than the trusted Number 5 supersized. :)

Posted by: ../Ant | 24 Jun 2004 18:20:46

Actually, it was Seth's suggestion. How they do it is not the issue, but rather if they do. I think it makes sense to try and make each McDonalds a little bit different from the next without sacrificing their strengths. But I said that already.

Posted by: D'ave | 24 Jun 2004 18:42:13